Over the last few months we at Neighbors In Action have attempted to work with our elected officials and the local community to consolidate the concerns and problems we have seen in the BRLoop proposal so that they could be presented to the departments as specified in the BRLoop plan.
There are numerous problems, and I am sure we have not covered any number of concerns and problems that everyone is worried about. But, we have tried to condense it down to a managable number of glaring and highly visible problems that can be articulated to the people in charge of the project.
In order to meet the requirements of he BRLoop proposal we prepared a cover letter for the contents, a summary document of the concerns and problems, support letters from Livingston Parish elected officials and articles from local publications that support opposition to the BRLoop proposal.
Below you will find scanned images of the documents which made up the package we have specified here. You can access all of the documents and see the status of our efforts.