All Of These Projects Follow The Same Pattern

Texas attempted to put in place a plan similar to the BR Loop project, but more aggressive and optimistic. The first implementation was over six years ago. That attempt was abandoned under public objections and pressure. Now they are trying to revive the project under a different guise. Sounds very familiar to the history of the BR Loop.
The commonality of this approach to construction of infrastructure is the money that private companies can earn from the projects. The projects allow if not require foreign corporate investments. The phrase 'America For Sale' jumps from the actions of the government entities involved in the operations of these projects.
The first three links below connect to the history of the Trans Texas Corridor. It is interesting and informative reading. Everyone should read about it and understand the purpose and goals of these projects."

Quote From Page 10

"Dramatic valuations also accrued to those properties most proximate the freeway corridor. At a distance of one-half mile from the corridor - relative to a fronting property - values were predicted to have dropped roughly $ 50,000.00 per acre of land and $ 3.00 per square foot of improvement/structure. Clearly, a roadway's alignment has a critical impact on (future) land values, so design engineers will want to take this decision very seriously."

Quote From Book Titled :

Assessing the Effects of Highway-Widening Improvements on Urban and Suburban...

By Thomas Harvey

Chapter 3 Page 10

"Social Impacts may occur at all phases of project planning and development.

These Impacts have been categorized into three major impact areas:

  • Disruption of community cohesion.

  • Interference with accessibility of facilities and services.

  • Displacement of community residences and businesses."